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Our Roots

Coco Verde is high performing clean texture-inclusive hair care rooted in cultural heritage. We’re on a mission to celebrate cultural diversity and inspire the embrace of one's unique hair identity.  

Fueled by the magic of cultural botanicals, we're here to empower you on a journey of hair rediscovery. We embody the celebration of culture, recognizes the significance of science, and mirrors the beauty of nature


We're deeply rooted in culture through our intentional embrace of diverse cultural heritage. Our formulations are inspired by age-old beauty remedies from various corners of the world, paying homage to the wisdom passed down through generations. We ethically source our cultural botanicals through fair trade, establishing direct relationships with various communities. At Coco Verde, we recognize that our strength lies in our unity. Through our products, education and community initiatives, we're dedicated to bringing people together, fostering a space where authentic cultural expression thrives.  
Our dedication to crafting effective and innovative hair care solutions is prominent. Our products are meticulously crafted using scientific research and precision. Each ingredient is carefully selected based on its proven benefits for hair health and nourishment. We blend modern scientific advancements with the natural power of botanicals, ensuring that our formulations are not only safe but also highly effective. Our dedication to science-backed formulas ensures that our community can trust the quality and results of our products.   
We're committed to delivering products that are effective, gentle, and safe for both you and the environment. Proudly toxic-free, our dedication to nature goes beyond botanical sourcing – it encompasses crafting clean, conscious hair care that nurtures your hair while safeguarding your well-being and the planet. Our products, derived from plants, uphold the principle of utilizing nature's power to enhance your hair's vitality, all within a sustainable framework. With every product we offer, we prioritize your hair's health by excluding harmful elements, aligning seamlessly with the principles of a greener future.


For me, hair isn't just hair; it's a canvas for self-expression, a profound statement of one's inner essence and heritage. This belief, fueled by my love for culture and supported by my background in science, is the driving force behind our products and philosophy.

Having migrated to the US from Nigeria at a young age I later found myself clinging tightly to my west African roots as a way to stay connected to my cultural identity. With the creation of Coco Verde, I envisioned a space where your hair care routine transforms into a meaningful voyage through culture. It’s about a celebration of roots and an avenue for expressing your identity through the art of hair care.

Join me on this journey beyond bounds where culture, science, and nature meet to bring you more than just hair care – it's a transformative experience that honors diversity and empowers individuality. Together, let's celebrate the richness of cultural heritage, one strand at a time.


Erica Uwaka